Sunday, June 13, 2010


So many times in my life I “learn” something only to realize I didn’t get it quite right. I guess that’s where the saying “take with a grain of salt” comes in handy. But, I will keep everything up that I have said because it’s showing what I am learning. Corruption- I should have opened my eyes before my mouth. At our cultural orientation, a nonnative told us that Mexico is not that corrupt. But, every Mexican that I have talked to about it says the opposite. Let me share a sad story. Last year in Hermosillo (northern Mexico), there was a daycare that was next to a gas station. On top of the daycare were piles of used tires and in the heat of the sun the tires got hotter and hotter until they burst into flames. The ceiling collapse and 41 children died. What does this tell you about building regulations? ; No one follows them. Another example, the how-to for getting a license in Mexico. Dear Mr. Someone (a.k.a. Anyone), arrive at government building. Pay $30. Get picture taken. Violà. Example number three, something that I have already mentioned- paying off the police. Maybe most of the time it’s just 10 silly kids illegally squeezed into one car. But this whatever system paves the road for abuse by the drug cartels.

I still like Mexico and I want to think the best of everyone and everything. But unfortunately, this world IS broken. More than corruption, I can’t stop thinking about the kids here. Siento pena por los ninos. At dinner, they come to us asking for money. If we won’t give our money, they ask for some of our dinner. How sad that we can’t just “solve world hunger”. Seeing people begging everyday is eye-opening and I can’t express how grateful I am for what I’ve been given. Thank you, Mom. Thank you, Dad. Thank you for this experience to gain more compassion and more passion to do something about it. This isn’t supposed to be a Ms. America speech and I don’t want to sound cheesy. It’s just these last 2 weeks has been cementing my attitude that I’ve been developing for the last 2 years: I want to do something about hunger and maybe Mexico is the right place to come back to.

Sorry for sadness. I promise my next blog will be happy. Read on...

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Lord break my heart with what breaks yours.