Thursday, June 24, 2010

Casa Cuna

I started my social work at the orphanage last week and so far it has been really good. All the kids are under 6 and I love playing with them. When I walk in they yell ¡¡di pollito!! or “say little chicken!!” I don’t know how this started but I think it was because I didn’t understand at first. Now it’s a big joke to them that I can’t understand everything that they say. One niño asked me (in Spanish, of course) why I don’t speak Spanish. Ha, ha. The main problem that comes with my inefficiencies is that it has led to some disrespect. Even if I tell them No lo hagas! Estoy seriosa (don’t do it. I’m serious), they don’t always take me seriously. But really, I’m serious... éstas son mis pompas. No me toques. I just have to walk away.

For the most part, I loooove to be with them. Yesterday, I was with the boys pretending that I was a dragon. I chased them around saying voy a comerte! (I’m going to eat you!). Of course, they were screaming, running around, and trying to tag me in the back when I was after another. After awhile, they decided that I wasn’t going to eat them and began ducking in and out of my legs. Soon one grabbed one of my legs, another grabbed the other leg. With two attached to my legs and two pulling on my arm, I’m shocked I didn’t fall on top of one of them. It’s pretty clear that they want to abuse me as much as possible, haha. Another game they started was calling me moquito (little booger). But I took that name and ran with it asking them if they wanted a kiss from a booger. ***besos!!!****besos!!!*** They all ran away from me. HAHAHAHA!!!!

I’ve also spent a lot of time with babies under 2. I’ve learned how to feed one baby with one hand and another with the other hand. Also, I’m learning how to factory-style wash 7 babies, dress them, put them in their cradle, and give them bottles. That’s been hard for me because I don’t even have much experience with this age in English; Trying to explain something in Spanish can be really hard don’t hit. When they don’t listen to me, I wonder did I say it wrong or are they just being naughty? Just being naughty, you say? Well, would YOU be confident enough to discipline them? Also, another thing that has been hard for me is that I can’t hold one child for very long. It’s unbelievable how fast they can get attached to you and cry if you let them go. :( So sad, I want to take one home...

It has been a really good experience because I LOVE KIDS! I’m glad that I’m feeling more comfortable there and will have more time in the next few weeks. I’m done with classes tomorrow so I can dedicate larger blocks of time there. Woooo!

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dnorvold said...

A childs laughter has no language boundries, love needs no translation and a smile wraps it all into one neat package.