Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Stuff

Random Stuff

• I ate a cricket.
• I got hailed on while I was running. Ouch.
• There is dog poop all over the streets. Yuck.
• I have been wearing the same pair of jeans for 3.5 weeks. Unhappy.
• Our tour guide Arnold, is the bomb. Speaking of the Aztecs he said, “Dey mek wahyd toonals. Id’z very drahmatical.”
• The Mexican equivalent to “umm/like/er” is “esss de”. I caught myself using it which is sooo weird.
• There aren’t matching weights at the gym I’m lifting at. So I have to switch arms to even ‘er out.
• I climbed the world’s largest pyramid, Tlachihualtepetl
• I have been consistently dreaming in Spanish :)
• Kayla referencing my time at the orphanage- “I wouldn’t mind putting Band-Aids on... or kissing boo-boos”
• Miguel (Mexican): “Take a picture of me and my wolf”. Kayla (Gringa): “Uhh, wife?”. Miguel: “Yeah, that.”
• “It’s raining on our bus” –Kayla
• In one city that we visited there were trees growing in almost the middle of the street, I kid you not.
• A lady (age: 50?) was fire breathing in the street. Excuse me, you put gas in your mouth for a few pesos? :(
• Words that I have mixed up:
--zanahoria for zapatos (“Pass me the shoes”- instead of “carrots”),
--pesas for pesos (“I’m going to go lift money”- instead of “weights”),
-- cagada for callada (I thought Luis Felipe told me, “You are very @!%1*”- instead of “very quiet”)
• The piropos from the guys on the street can be a little flattering or really creepy. I’m ok with you calling me pretty, but hanging your head at the window and staring at me? Not aight. However, there are less in Mexico than there were in Costa Rica. I have noticed that I get substantially more cat-calls when I run in shorts (Ale, you were so right. I know you reading this... and shaking your head at me. I’m sorry! ). I just can’t bring myself to run with sweatpants because I’m always, always dying of heat here. I’ve been cold, what, twice since I’ve been here?
• In my Spanish class (3 hr/d, 5 days/wk), there was me and one other girl. It was awesome, practically private tutoring. Since we always spoke in Spanish together, the first time I heard her speak in English I just about fell out of my chair. She has a beautiful, Australian accent :)
• On Thursday, we went to the floating gardens in Xochimilco which consists of water cannels and boats, boats, crazily colored boats. So many boats that they often collide together. At one point, we got serenaded by a mariachi band while in one of these boats (trajineras) . Could have been the most romantic thing ever- until another boat pulled alongside of ours and a drunk 20 year old jumped into our boat. Then, it became a zoo- our boat sandwiched between the mariachi boat and the boat full with 15 drunk Mexicans/Americans/Germans...

Life is still good in Mexico.

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dnorvold said...

glad to hear life is still good in Mexico. Thanks for the Blog