Monday, July 12, 2010

Updates on Casa Cuna

Updates on Casa Cuna:

---They’re still stinkin’ cute
---They still call me moquito (little booger)
---I love watching and listening to the kids in Mass, screaming the Hail Mary. I love seeing them in their “Wednesday” best and watching them scourge the room for every adult to shake hands with.
---I witnessed a real Mexican birthday party, piñata and all. The kids sing a song for each new batter and when the song finishes it is the next persons turn. Afterwards, we ate chili flavored suckers, jello, and Barnie cake!
---Los ninos apparently think I have an unending supply of energy. After I collapse after playing eres (you’re it) for ages, they frown at me and say "porque no me atrapas?" (why are you not catching me?)
---The nuns definitely think I’m crazy. That’s legit, I sprint around like a maniac... Yet whether I’m faster than them or not, they always catch me. It’s impossible to evade 15 kids chasing me screaming ERES! ERES!.

Perhaps I should explain Casa Cuna more thoroughly. It is an "orphanage" that receives financial support from individual beneficiaries. Most of the kids have one parent who needs to work and cannot take care of them. Because of this, they stay here all week and go home on the weekends. Jorge is one of the few that is an orphan. But he is getting adopted!!!!! Maybe, I shouldn’t have favorites... but he’s mine. So good for him and good for his new parents. Una buena onda.

Some more tidbits:
How do you spell Mexico? At a canteen during the Mexico vs. Argentina world cup game, a man in the crowded chanted:
Man: “Give me an M!” crowd: “M!”
Man: “Give me an E!” crowd: “E!”
Man: “Give me an X!” crowd: “X!”
Man: “Give me an I” crowd: “I!”
Man: “Give me a S!” crowd: ...silence, followed by an uproar of laughter

Later someone else started chanting “Mexiso! Mexiso! Mexiso!” It was soo funny when everyone joined in. The first guy grinned and turned bright red.

---I’ve been having a reoccurring nightmare that I can’t pay for my taxi because I’ve been scammed. For your information, it hasn’t happened to me. But, poor Kayla...
---The lights went out the other day, including the stoplights. Skeeeetch....
---How weird is it to remember a things name in your second language and not in your first? Yeah, it happens!

I’m still in love with Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Hello... I was just wondering... Is this Casa Cuna in or near Mexico City? Do nuns run it... Has there been a nun there named sister Rosio?

lucia said...

Hi i used to be an orphane there with my two sisters and was wondering if there was any info on my bio parents?

shell bell said...

Hello..I was adopted from this orphanage.and I'm really wanting to get a hold of my file to see where I come from and why I was place there