Monday, July 12, 2010

Now I understand...

•Now I understand why some people don’t like traveling. Because you never know what to expect and when you aren’t local, some people will take advantage of you.

•Now I understand why being naïve is wonderful just up to the point when you realize your naivety. That’s when you wish you had known that people still take advantage of the nice person.

•Now I understand why people can get bitterer as they age. Because they have realized the world isn’t a dream and it has beaten them and their friends.

•Now I understand why corruption is contagious. Because of entitlement: “I got used, so I’ll use you- such is life.” The ones that get it worst are the ones not willing to take an eye for an eye.

•Now I understand that being a traveling American makes it seem like I have money. But just because I'm American doesn’t mean I have $ coming out of my ears. Listen here World, I'd like my 500 pesos back now...

Then again, every lesson has a price tag and sometimes it’s ok to pay it.

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