Thursday, July 15, 2010

Now I Understand (Remix)

Now I understand why people should love traveling. Because of the unbelievable amount that you can learn. You learn of the superficial things like a Mexican’s meal isn’t complete without a tortilla, even if just salted and rolled into a log. You also learn the important cultural values like the value of family time- Ale: “Sentate, y vamos a placticar.” And we would. Sometimes we would sit talking, simply talking for hours.

Now I understand what my teacher called the honeymoon period of traveling. Initially, you think it’s funny that Mexicans are usually late. Before long, the things that you once thought were interestingly different can become annoyingly different. Consciously, intellectually, we know that different shouldn’t mean “wrong” (right, Luis?). Unconsciously, we don’t always act as we know and someone has to point it out for us. Sometimes though, it takes getting it wrong to get it right.

Now I understand what is dangerous about writing a blog. Because it shows your weakness to the whole world. Yet, how wonderful that this demonstration of weakness allows people to show you exactly where you went wrong. It’s humiliating, yet beneficial if you let it be. Yeah, I’ve gotten some flack...But, sometimes it takes getting it wrong to get it right.

Now I understand that I’ll never really understand. I hate it when I say things that make people say ¿¿Qué pasó, Graciela??. That’s when I tell myself it’d be easier to stop talking and avoid all that embarrassment. However, the all-or-nothing type person that I am isn’t the best thing or even a good thing at all. The middle road is hard to find but there is the goodness in making mistakes. I’ll take getting it wrong to maybe, maybe one day get it right.


Laurie said...

What a great(learning)experience for you! And eye-opening in many ways it sounds like. I am sure you were a huge blessing to many while you were there!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your blog and being humble, God gives grace to the humble and will lift you up in due time (I Peter 5:5+6). See you :)

Clara de Tierra said...

Grizzie I am so proud of you! And watching you grow up so much through these blogs, I'm glad you opened yourself and your oops-moments to me and the rest of us on the internet ;-)
Can't wait to talk to you in person about everything, to your new self!
Love, Nuff